Wednesday, September 12, 2007

"Return to reality"-she said

Well people, it was short but sweet trip to seaside. Ten days with my darling in just small room can be fun, but we spent them in beautiful place called Igalo. Went to Dubrovnik to see all the magnificent things from the past. Photographed everything that we considered as "a one of a kind" scenery. Eat in great restaurants. Listened the great melody of the sea and wind in harmony.
But, always but. There were some things that I didn't like. Train was horrid. Old, smelly coupe was ready to film some horror or great triler. Now imagine long trip in these conditions, to have a sleep in hideous bed, with dirty blanket. When we get off the train first thing we did was washing our faces and hands. In paradise of our bathroom we "get rid" of all the smells and agony. With first drops of water tiredness was beaten.
From this trip I'll never forget this old man. He told me that he spent his life in Dubrovnik from the time he was just eight years "old" boy. He has seen everything in the world but "no place is like home" he said.


Le-Chat said...

Hi Lili,
I love your work. It looks so refined next to mine! If you're curious, this is my site:
You may find this one from a Dutch crochet-artist inspirational as well:
I'll be certainly coming back to you for inspiration and good luck to you!!


LadyTerri said...

I so know what you mean about them train rides!!! I went from California to IL in one and didn't get the sleeper! it was aweful...very nice blog ya got here :)

tatamata said...

Thanks girls for warm words.
Ladyterri I said to myself that I'll never step in the train in Serbia again.